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Pernille Folcarelli Designer Spotlight: Behind the Brand that Brings Life to Homes Through Art

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Nature, design, and the process behind the design are three things that motivates designer, Pernille Folcarelli to create her handmade original prints for her namesake company. “I love to be able to combine the things I really like”, she says. “I find that process very important.”

For our second Designer Spotlight installment, we chatted with Folcarelli to learn more about her company. Since we’re beyond obsessed with her work (and love to use her prints to bring the outdoors into our homes), we asked where she finds design inspiration, her favorite materials to work with, her thoughts on the latest home décor trends and more. Read on to learn all about the designer and her brand.

Behind the brand: Pernille Folcarelli

For many years I have been working with hand made graphic prints besides my work as a freelance textile designer and interior stylist. In 2013 — after several queries/requests — I decided to start selling my botanical prints in selected shops in Denmark. After a very positive response, I decided to go all-in and work to make it my full-time job.

How did you get started in interior design?

I hold a Master's Degree in Textile Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Copenhagen. After several years of work as a freelance designer and stylist, I decided to establish my own design studio in 2013 based on my graphic artwork and prints.

How would you describe your company’s design style?

It has a kind of timeless aesthetic. A simple and Scandinavian approach to interior decoration. Our aim is to be able to fit in many kinds of homes and to bring nature and well-being inside.

What are the influences and inspiration behind your designs?

Nature and architecture is a big inspiration. Nature's own design has a very positive impact on humans and I know that many people find the motifs calming and comforting to look at. That makes me very happy. The botanical universe of plants and trees has always fascinated me. Clear simplicity and a richness of details – the motifs of nature itself embraces both.

What makes Scandinavian design stand out?

Scandinavian style is simple and a bit understated, which leaves room and space for the important lives we are living. Too much clutter, colors and items all over can stress you out. Natural materials and simple forms make many people feel well.

What are your bestsellers and what do you think makes them so popular?

The fern prints are always very popular. The fern plant has a very classic and elegant form, which I think makes them very popular and able to fit into almost any kind of room.

What are the latest trends in home décor?

I believe that we will see more colors in home décor and a very personal approach towards interior design. Choose the element you love the most. Without thinking too much about trends, your home will automatically be unique and personal. Don't forget the plants and natural elements! Nature is a big trend right now, but also a classic that never goes out of style.

What are your favorite places on earth?

I love the place I live in Denmark – in the countryside very close to the sea and the forest. Being in nature is one of the most relaxing things I know. My garden and my greenhouse are my favorite rooms. Besides that, I love being in Italy, in cities like Rome, Florence and Siena.

What are your favorite materials/textures?

I love to work with paper and textiles. They have the same kind of tactility, which I find very important. Wood is another material I couldn't live without.

What are your favorite colors to work with?

The muted tones of green and blue. Misty greys, deep and dark blues like the sea and all the green shades you find deep in the woods. These are the color tones I never get tired of.  

What items in your home couldn’t you live without?

A long table and good chairs around it. A great place to gather family and friends is the most important to me. And living natural elements such as plants, flowers, branches.  

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