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How to Decorate Your Home With Yellow

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

The color yellow has the ability to evoke a fresh and happy feeling. Doesn’t that sound like two things you want your home to reflect when you redecorate? This season, consider adding a pop of yellow into your home. Read on below for four easy ways to incorporate this sunny hue into your décor. 

4 Ways to Decorate with Yellow At Home

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1. If you don’t want to get rid of your dark decor but would like to brighten it up for the season, mix in yellow pieces to brighten up the look of your décor. Here, the yellow cushion covers by Bungalow are mixed in with neutrals like navy and grey giving it a brighter and fresher feeling.

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2. Looking for a way to refresh your table setting for the warmer seasons? Use a pop of yellow dinnerware. This lemon curd dinner plate option by Bungalow not only brightens up the table, it also adds texture and beauty.

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3. Believe it or not, you don’t always need home decor to create an accent. Items like fruits and flowers can serve as props. Accenting your tablescape with a bouquet of fresh yellow flowers, or a lemon can do the trick!

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4. When it comes to brightening up a kitchen, some of the most common ways to do so include changing the color of your cabinets, switch to warm LED lighting, or making some architectural changes that would cost you a fortune. Why not choose something a bit simpler and inexpensive? Replace your dark kitchen accessories with lighter colors like using this kitchen towel by Bungalow or some of our bright Jangneus dishcloths

Use these tips to refresh your home with a burst of yellow this season.