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Designer Spotlight: Get to Know Marie Jangneus-Davis

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In our last Brand Spotlight, you got to learn a bit more about the brand Jangneus and how it came to be. For this feature we're putting the spotlight on Marie Jangneus-Davis, the founder, partner and designer of the brand. We caught up with Marie to learn about her favorite parts of her job, where she finds design inspiration and her tips on how to freshen up a home. 

Q&A with Marie Jangneus-Davis

What do you love most about your job?

The design part of my job isn’t a job for me; it’s a passion and interest. I love to be able to continually learn and develop. Of course, being a business owner there are so many other aspects to my job and I’m constantly working towards having more time to be creative.

What gives you design inspiration?

A lot! The inspiration often arrives on a subconscious level, and I don’t always notice exactly where it comes from. It feels like it just happens, it can be when I do gardening, listen to music or go walking and in particular when I’m in our cottage in Sweden. When I actively look for inspiration it often comes from Swedish interior magazines. My subscription bill is huge! I’m really behind the times and prefer to look at something printed rather than on a screen so although useful at times, I’m not a great fan of places like Pinterest and Instagram.

What are your favorite materials/textures?

It has to be natural material, cotton, linen or wood.

What are your favorite colors to work with?

Hmm, tricky as I love so many colors but I tend to be drawn to the typically Swedish colors of blues and greys. I suppose it’s also a bit seasonal, green is another favorite and at the moment I’m quite partial to yellows.

What, for you, makes a room stand out?

A room which feels like a reflection of the person who lives there.

What is your favorite place on earth?

Wherever my family is. If I had to choose one place on earth it would be where we have our cottage in Dalarna, Sweden.

What items in your home couldn’t you live without?

I’m greedy so it has to be two items - fresh flowers, ideally from the garden or from my walks and candles. We Swedes don’t need a reason to light them; candles are a part of our daily lives.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to decorate their home?

To go with what your gut feeling tells you, what you love and not worry about trends. It takes time to create a home that feels just right. Ignore principles in favor of creativity. Oh, and lighting – the single most important factor in interior design in order to create ambiance.

What would you say is the quickest way to freshen up a space?

Declutter the worktops, a clean, fresh dishcloth in your sink and a freshly laundered tea towel. Of course! And don’t forget the fresh flowers and candles.

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