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Get Patriotic Indoor and Outdoor for Memorial Day with Esthetic Living

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To celebrate Memorial Day, your decor doesn't always have to include patriotic party supplies. Step away from the norm this year with decor that can be used year round. But of course, we're definitely sticking to the red, white and blue theme here. Scroll below to see what you can use from our selection of homewares to decorate your home and outdoors for your Memorial Day weekend festivities. Bonus: At the end of this shopping guide we have a Memorial Day treat for all of our customers!

Memorial Day Inspired Decor from Esthetic Living

Use these items below to decorate your living room, entry way or bedroom for Memorial Day.

1.  Bungalow Cushion Cover - $74.95

2.  Serax Tealight Holder - Set of 4 $22.95

3.  Tine K Home Cushion Cover - $69.95

4.  Chamois Cushion Cover - $59.95

5.  Tine K Home Throw - $109.95

6. Tine K Home Cushion Cover - $79.95

Create a gorgeous Memorial Day tablescape outdoors with some of these accessories. 

1.  Tine K Home Placemat - $14.95

2.  Hübsch Round Groove Vase - $39.95

3.  Chamois Tablecloth - $84.95

4.  Côté Table Flatware - $179.95

5.  Bungalow Dinner Plate - $27.95

6.  Chamois Napkin - Set of 2 -$13.95

Shop our entire selection of luxurious homewares and get 25% off using the code MEMORIAL25 today through Monday 5/29.

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