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How to Decorate with Prints: Three Easy Ideas

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We’ve talked a great deal about decorating with solid colors like yellowblue and pink. It’s time to show printed décor a little bit of love. While there are some people who are afraid of inviting color into their homes because they simply don’t know how, there are also those that stay away from adding printed décor to avoid creating an overwhelming interior.

3 Easy Ways to Decorate With Prints At Home

1. Add visual interest to your living room décor.

Inviting prints into your living room décor can help make the room feel more inviting and fun. This luxurious onion blue cushion cover by Bungalow will add comfort and style to your home. 

2. Mix prints with your tableware.

These days, there’s nothing better than having a home that’s well decorated and worthy of sharing to inspire others with your décor ideas. One of our favorite things to do as of late is play around with prints. The process isn’t hard but there’s a formula you must follow if you want to get it right. Stick with prints within the same color scheme and you can’t do any wrong like demonstrated above with this Chamois floral tablecloth.

3. Keep it simple with printed dinnerware.

If you’re looking to just add a simple pop of print into your décor, you totally can. You don’t have to go overboard and buy an array of items with prints. For example: If you have a neutral and monochromatic color scheme within your table décor, you can break it up by adding printed plates like these above by Bungalow or bowls.

What's your favorite way to decorate with prints?

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