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Bring the Outdoors In with Nature Wall Art

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

While there are many clever and creative ways to bring the outdoors into your home, many of us forget other than buying fresh flowers or fake plants, you can do the trick with art. To help you on your quest to finding ideas for bringing the outdoors in with art, we've gathered some of our favorite ways to decorate using our beautiful selection of nature wall art pieces by Pernille Folcarelli. 

Easy Ways to Bring The Outdoors In with Nature Wall Art

1. Create a gallery wall.

Whether you have a collection of images of the great outdoors that you've captured on your own, or a set of wall art by a designer or photographer, creating a gallery wall is a great way to display an array of nature-inspired images at once. When perfectly placed together, your gallery wall can feel like one big piece of art at a glance. What better way to bring the outdoors in than that?  

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2. Curate a perfectly styled vignette.

If you have only one piece of art to help you bring the outdoors in, creating a vignette is a great way to put it on display. Generally, you get a cleaner feel and look when working with a small amount of arrangements. Pro tip: Create contrast by adding elements that have an opposite look, shape or texture as demonstrated above. 

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3. Decorate a fireplace mantel.

Enhance the look of your fireplace mantel by spreading out a collection of botanic wall art pieces. To add some interest and create balance, you can place small design objects and candles in between. 

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Try these ideas to bring the outdoors into your home with botanical prints by Pernille Folcarelli.