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How to Set A Simple French Table

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Setting a French-styled table is easier than you think. What’s more? A simple French table can instantly make you feel transported to the South of France. The French like to spend their time with family and friends around a table eating simple food — which is always the star of the table. And of course, you’ll always find a good, although not necessarily expensive, bottle of wine. They enjoy nothing more than sitting around a table debating politics or the current state of world affairs.

When it comes to décor, however, the French are very relaxed. For them, a home should be comfortable and livable — yet their homes always look elegant and inviting. There isn’t much difference between a formal and casual French table – except maybe the quality of the wine. Here are some easy and quick tips for setting a simple French-inspired table in your home.

Three Tips for Setting A Simple French Table

1. Keep it simple.

Their tables are always straightforward and effortless. Here’s a rule of thumb: The flatware is always set from the inside to the outside because they eat from the outside to the inside. 

2. Use neutral colors.

If you’re going to really do it like the French, save all your bright colored dishes and tableware for another occasion. Stick to neutral hues like ivory, taupe, beige and shades of whites.

3. Seasonal flowers, candles, or lanterns are used to accent the table and set the mood. 

Now for the finishing touches! Accent your table with accessories that complement your occasion, theme or season.

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