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How to Use Decorative Cushion Covers to Decorate Your Home

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Most people don’t realize how much can be done with decorative cushion covers. Cushion covers can be used a number of ways to elevate the look of your home, whether it's indoors or out. Use them as decorative accents to add a style statement to your décor, use them as art, or even to brighten up your space. Below we’ve outlined four easy ways you can use our selection of cushion covers to decorate your home.

4 Ways to Use Decorative Cushion Covers

1.Decorate outdoor living space.

Elevate the look of your outdoor space with decorative cushion covers. Before the winter season ends, take the time to plan the look you want for spring and summer. Buy a few pillow covers and alternate based on your mood or as the seasons change. The key is to stick to a theme. Combine different patterns like shown above, mix textures, and stay within your color scheme 

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2. Decorate your floor seats for dinner parties.

Planning dinner party with a floor seating plans? No need to purchase a brand new set of pillows. Use cushion covers to decorate your existing cushions.

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3. Add a pop of color to a dark room.

Bright decorative pillows bring pops of color to a dark room. One simple way to finding the right color is to use the color wheel.  A color wheel will help you figure out which colors work well together. Pick a color from the wheel then find its opposite. 

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4. Use cushion covers as art.

Cushion covers can be used as small pieces of art to add visual interest to a room. Need an idea? Make your entryway feel more inviting and lived-in by covering monochromatic cushions displayed on your seating area with cushion covers that have bold artsy prints.

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