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How to Use Baskets As Planters

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

There are so many reasons why we're obsessed with baskets. They're one of those décor items that can be used in multiple ways. You can use them as storage baskets, standalone decorative pieces, or as planters. The latter is our favorite way to utilize them at the moment and we're sharing our ideas with you. 

Baskets as Planters: 5 Ideas to Try

Window Sill Décor

Have an empty window sill? Decorate it with some small Mifuko Kiondo baskets and fill them with your favorite plants. Mix and match patterns and colors to create visual interest. 

Coffee Table Bouquet 

Everyone is decorating their coffee table with a vase, why not do something different? Use a mini Mifuko basket to hold your beautiful bouquet. 

Decorate A Library or Shelves

Contrary to popular belief, bookshelves aren't just for books. Fill in any empty spaces with a few planters or use them to create a mini indoor garden. 

Large Plants 

Can't find the perfect planter for your large plant? You may have the answer right in your home! Pop your large plant into a large basket. 

Summer Blooms

Don't be afraid to try something different. Give the vases a rest for a bit and try using baskets like this Tine K Home bamboo basket for your spring and summer season blooms. Use them to decorate the indoors or line them up outdoor along your steps. Who doesn't love a warm welcoming? 

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