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5 Easy Ways to Apply The Hygge Concept to Your Home During Any Season

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

Here at Esthetic Living, we believe in creating the home you love with décor; making your home a safe and cozy space for family, and enjoying every moment of the process. This brings us to the hygge concept. What’s hygge? In short, it’s a Danish way of creating an atmosphere that’s cozy, safe, makes you happy, and all about being with the people you love. Read on for our tips on how you can apply the Danish way of living at home during any season.

5 Easy Ways to Apply The Hygge Concept to Your Home During Any Season

1.Set the mood with lighting.

You can’t practice hygge living without surrounding yourself with candles or soft lighting. For the Danes, lighting candles is usually done mostly during autumn and winter seasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t light a candle or two during the summer season. Think about setting the mood on your outdoor dinner table with a lantern, or by using a few standalone candles.

2.Create a space with things you love.

Whether it’s art, collectables or images of your family in your home, you want to surround yourself with everything you love. Display your items using simple, yet, appealing décor. For instance, you can display your favorite collectables around the home on a tray like this one above by Bungalow

3.Surround your home with neutrals and cozy decor.

Hygge is all about decorating your home with things that are simple and cozy. This can be something as simple as a warm throw or comfy pillow. During the warmer months, you can apply this same feeling to your home with neutral décor.

4. Enjoying warm drinks.

No matter the season you can still indulge in a nice warm drink whether it be a cup of coffee in the morning to get the day started, or a warm tea at night before bed. While you’re sipping your coffee or tea, opt for turning the television off. Light a candle, and live in the moment.

5.Family gatherings.

During the winter, the idea of family gatherings would involve lots of indoor dinners and activities. In the summer, however, this is the best time to invite family and friends over for a barbecue. Make it a collaborative thing, let everyone join in on the cooking. 

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