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Q + A: How to Stylishly Update Your Living Room for Spring

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By the time winter is on it's way out and the weather starts warming up, most rooms are begging for a spring refresh. To help you easily and affordably revamp your living space for the spring season, we caught up with Esthetic Living's design team to get some of their favorite ways of waking up their home for spring.

Q: How can I give my living room a stylish update this spring with minor décor changes?

A: There are so many ways to update your living room for the spring season, especially if you're on a budget. Changing your cushion covers is a great start. Exchange dark colors and prints for brighter hues. Bungalow has a great selection of cushion covers in an array of colors and patterns that will help you create the summery feeling you want in your home. 

Bungalow Cushion Cover - Velvet Ming, $32.95

A: Another simple way to give your home a springy update is with plants. A touch of color with greenery or flowers can bring life and a fresh feeling to your living space. Set an arrangement of flowers into a gorgeous sculptural vase like the below by Hübsch.

Geo Vase - Long, $12.95

A: Another way to spruce up your living space for the spring is by switching out your cozy, heavy blankets for lighter, airier throws. They are perfect for relaxing on long, warmer days. These soft cotton throws by Tine K Home will be sure to add Scandinavian style to your living space, and their clean lines and colors will blend with any décor.

Throw - Loom Blue, $109.95

A: Last but not least, one of our favorite ways to bring some of that spring life to any space is by livening up the walls. Art can be hung individually or as a group to create stunning gallery walls. Our favorite way to do this, specially during the spring and summer months is by sticking to natural and floral themes. From botanical prints to pressed flowers; there are so many ways one could go about this, but our go-to's are these beautiful prints from Danish designer Pernille Folcarelli. These monochromatic pieces put a contemporary spin on traditional botanical prints. 

Wall Hanging - Hosta, Blue, $149.99

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