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What’s New at Esthetic Living: Mifuko Kiondo Baskets

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This season we’re so excited about all of our new arrivals from Mifuko Design. If you don’t know about Mifuko and the story behind the brand, we caught up with the designers who shared their inspiring journey with us. All of the handmade baskets are perfect to use as an accent in your home or for storage. Once you buy one, you get hooked! Trust us, we have quite the collection ourselves. Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorite designs we have here at Esthetic Living. Scroll down to shop your favorites!

New Arrivals: Mifuko Kiondo Baskets

Shop The Look:

1. Kiondo Basket - Light Blue/White w/Handles- Large $99.95

2. Kiondo Basket - Thin Stripes Light Blue & White w/Handles- Large $99.95 

3. Kiondo Basket - Thick Stripes Light Blue & White w/Handles – Large $99.95

4. Kiondo Basket - Light Blue/White – Medium $59.95 

5. Kiondo Basket - Thin Stripes Light Blue & White - Extra Small $34.95

6. Kiondo Basket - Light Blue/White w/Handles- Medium

7. Kiondo Basket - Thick Stripes Light Blue & White - Extra Small $34.95 

8. Kiondo Basket - Thin Stripes Light Blue & White w/Handles- Medium

9. Kiondo Basket - Thick stripes Light Blue & White – Small $46.95  

Shop more Mifuko styles here!

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