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New Arrivals from Esthetic Living

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There’s nothing better than the feeling of purchasing new décor for your home. For many, a home is always under construction; there’s always room for improvement. This week we’re helping you find some great new décor pieces for your home. Read on as we highlight five of our new arrivals here at Esthetic Living.

5 New Arrivals from Esthetic Living

House Doctor Marble Effect Small Bowl, Large Bowl and Oval Plate

We’ve talked about how easy it is to decorate your home with neutral colors. These new tableware pieces by House Doctor has grey and white tones which are two neutral tones that blend well with other colors. If you want, you can just keep it simple and add these to an all white table.

Chamois Table Cloth

Decorating with prints adds a fun element and stylish look to your décor This Chamois’ original floral print tablecloth combines country charm with contemporary style. You can use this table cloth for an indoor gathering our outdoor during the summer season for your BBQ festivities. What’s more? If you’re not into the traditional gingham prints for picnics, you can use this table cloth instead.

Pernille Folcarelli Sumac White Print

It’s no secret that we love the idea of bringing the outdoors in with Pernille Folcarelli’s prints. All of her designs prove that you don’t always have to stick with greenery like everyone else.  

Which of these new décor pieces do you love?