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Let Candles Bring Warmth to Your Home

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

Decorating with candles is an easy way warm up your home as winter approaches.  Light just one for an inviting glow and delicious scent, or let a collection of candles keep you company while you enjoy a family dinner or soak in a relaxing bath. Wherever you intend to place the candles in your home, be sure to shop gorgeous candle holders and unique lanterns online at Esthetic Living. Our wide selection of luxury home decor includes candle holders and lanterns of various designs and materials.


Tealight Facet - Grey, Pink, or Blue

These tealight facet candle holders are a great option if you’re shopping for glass candle holders or lanterns. They fit small, tealight candles, and the facet pattern in the glass lends an instant sparkle to any space. These glass candle holders make excellent bathroom decor, shelf accents, and they can be easily incorporated into any dining table arrangement.

Lantern - Small House, Medium House, Mini Square, Small Square, Medium Square

These simple and classic lanterns are made from glass and iron, and they are available for purchase in five sizes. Use one of these lanterns as a centerpiece, or mix and match the various sizes for a more dramatic look. These lanterns, designed by TineK Home in Denmark, combine Moroccan warmth and charm with with clean lines and a geometric profile.  Any one of these lanterns will make a great addition to your luxury home decor.


Brass Candlestick Holder - Circle

This charming candlestick holder will lend a touch of rustic, old-world charm to your home. The simple and traditional style will contrast with your more modern decor, and the brass is sure to catch the eye. Surround this candlestick holder with complementary decor for a modest dining table centerpiece, or let it speak for itself on your bedside table.

Brass Lantern - Hexagonal

This unique brass candle lantern will become a fast favorite among your pieces of luxury home decor. With distinct design, this beautiful glass and brass lantern will make a great decoration accessory whether you decide to place it on your living room coffee table, the desk in your home office, or the linen tower in your master bathroom. 


Yurt Lantern - Medium, Large

These Asian-inspired lanterns are made from cork wood, linen, and glass, and are designed for a rustic yet elegant look. Bring the outdoors into your home with these lanterns which will add a warm, cozy atmosphere to any room. These candle lanterns will also look great with any holiday decor.

Rattan Lantern - Small, Large

These candle lanterns are constructed using heavy grade rattan for a lantern that is both beautiful and durable. These lanterns combine natural materials with simple, clean Scandinavian design. Use them to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Keep shopping the luxury home decor available online at Esthetic Living to discover the other Scandinavian style home accessories we have to offer. Have questions for the Esthetic Living staff? You can contact us via our online form!