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How to Make Your Home Wabi-Sabi

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese world view centered on finding beauty in imperfections and earthiness, and revering authenticity above lavishness. In Japan, this art is now so deeply ingrained in traditional aesthetics, that it is difficult to explain to Westerners; no direct translation exists. Here are some ways that we are incorporating Wabi-sabi into our homes this year.

Bunglaow Tablecloth

1. Hand printed linens

A very simple way to incorporate this Japanese tradition into your home is by opting for handmade focal points for your home. These stunning block-print tablecloths will add life to any table. The original patterns combine clean Danish design with rich, lush colors creating the perfect canvas for a beautiful table. Made by some of the best block-printers in India, designs are imprinted into the cloth using carved wooden blocks. Small spots and imperfections can occur from the printing process, but these are charming reminders of their handmade excellence.

Esthetic Living - French Market Basket

2. Natural Materials

Nature is perfect even though it is full of imperfections. The Wabi-Sabi style tries to imitate that eternal paradox, and embracing it will bring a rough charm to any home. Fashionable yet sturdy, these traditional French market baskets are sure to bring you just that. Handmade from palm leaves by local artisans in Morocco with woven leather handles, they are useful both as a fashion accessory as well as an attractive storage solution around your home.

Esthetic Living - Glaze Bungalow Dinnerware

3. Handmade Stoneware

Bungalow’s glaze dinnerware collection is a great way to incorporate simple imperfections into your everyday life; while staying elegant and appropriate for all occasions. The beautiful crackle-glaze is applied by hand to obtain its very special look. As the crackle look will increase over time, variations in color and slight imperfections become a part of the charm of this series.

Esthetic Living - Pernille Print

4. Natural Color Palettes

Wabi-Sabi style relies on a tranquil, toned color palette. One way to incorporate this into your home is through art. Both as standalone pieces or as a collection, these Pernille Folcarelli limited-edition prints manage to create an exceptionally serene mood. Moreover, their natural and subdued colors will easily match the organic elements of your newly arranged home.