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Fall Season Baking Essentials

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As the temperature drops and the leaves start to change in color, we all get the inkling to do more indoor activities — including baking some of our most favorite fall season treats. There’s nothing like lighting a few candles and enjoying a freshly baked pumpkin bread or an apple pie. If this sounds like the way you plan to spend your fall season, equip your home with all of the right kitchenware tools for your baking needs. Below we’ve rounded up three items you’ll need to bake and serve in style.

3 Baking Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen This Season

A Knife

There’s nothing worse than cutting a freshly baked bread or pie with a dull knife. Prevent crumbling with the perfect knife for cutting your dish. This André Verdier knife comes in black and ivory and we are simply obsessed with the quality. 

Baking Dish

Many may believe that a fancy baking dish isn't a necessity. We, however, beg to differ. This baking dish by Côté Table is also great for serving. Can you imagine how beautiful this stoneware dish will look at the center of your table?  

Cutting Board 

After presenting your freshly baked bread in your gorgeous dish, it's time to start cutting. Use this beautiful paddle-styled board from House Doctor to cut and use as a serving tray. 

What do you enjoy serving your freshly baked goods with?