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Decorating with Green for the Fall Season

Posted by Esthetic Living Team on

When it comes decorating with autumnal hues for the season, green is one of our favorite colors to use. It creates a bold statement and blends well with other colors like orange and browns. Below we’re sharing three items you can use to incorporate the color green into your home this season. 

1. Art 

Don't you love the color of the crisp green leaves outdoor and wish you can bring it into your home? Well, you can! Try an art print inspired by nature. We love this fern print by Pernille Folcarelli.

2. Green Tablecloth

This green tablecloth by Chamois works for all of the fall season and winter festivities.

3. Green Cushion Cover

Add a pop of green to your living room with this velvet cushion color. This green tea hue mixes well with other neutral colors and adds a luxurious feel to your space. 

What colors are you decorating with this season?