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Bungalow Designer Spotlight: Minna Hildebrandt and The Inspiration Behind Her Latest Collection

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For our Designer Spotlight series, we get insight on how our portfolio of designers brought their brands to life. Each designer has a unique aesthetic and story that draws us to their product even more. This month, we’re highlighting Bungalow, an interior design company based in Denmark with a passion for hand block-printed textiles and handmade paper products. Read on as the designer, Minna Hildebrandt, tells us more about how the collection came to be.

Behind the Brand with Minna Hildebrandt of Bungalow

Minna’s beliefs and where she finds inspiration:

“I believe in following our individual choice and taste rather than blindly following a trend. This is what makes us and our homes unique. I find equal inspiration in things and atmospheres from both bygone times and the present, and I adore the successful blend of the two.”

Who the Bungalow customer is:

“I believe that the Bungalow collection does not only appeal to one type, but that our products can be used with many different styles depending on your choice and blend. It’s all about having the courage to follow your taste and personality, and maybe stick out a bit. Therefore, we have asked photographer Celine Hallas to give her interpretation of our collection in the charming surroundings of her Copenhagen apartment – to complement the stylish images done by Anette Eckmann and Bjarni B. Jacobsen.”

Who influenced Minna’s old-world charm:

"My grandmother passed away recently at the age of 100 years. My grandmother had style – she had lived her young years serving as a maid in several small Danish castles. And she adapted the classy style from these surroundings in her later life.Throughout my childhood, my cousins and I were always allowed to play with all her beautiful and sometimes valuable belongings – laced gowns, jewelleries, matching shoes and bags in exotic leathers and of course her numerous sets of tea cups and cake plates for our arranged tea parties. She trusted us completely and I don’t remember us ever breaking anything."

"She also used to take me out to all-evening ballet shows and to auction houses for good bargains of silver, paintings or sculptures. I do believe in the impact of surrounding ourselves with beautiful things and my grandmother definitely had an influence on how I have developed a taste and preference for the old-world charm."

The inspiration behind the Bungalow collection:

"When my grandmother passed away I was fortunate to inherit several of her beautiful things – among these the Gustavian style sideboard used on the cover of this catalogue. I have always loved this piece, but never imagined it to become a part of a Bungalow collection. This collection is a tribute to my grandmother, the grandeur of past times and the power of the personal taste. I am sure my grandmother would have loved to decorate her Christmas tables with our golden leaves and the paper ornaments inspired by the magical gardens of Versailles."

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