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Brand Spotlight: Atelier Du Vin

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For this month’s brand spotlight we’re highlighting L’Atelier du Vin. Since 1926, L’Atelier du Vin has redefined wine tools with the highly functional, yet fashionable design of their objects. According to the brand, “A good tool should be functional, not a gadget. Design and materials should derive directly from function.” To this day, the brand continues to create objects that are classic and makes the wine serving and consuming experience a luxury. Ahead we're featuring some their wine tools and their function.

Stylish and Functional Objects from L’Atelier du Vin

The Carafe and Universal Wine Developer 

Ever wanted a carafe that maximizes the oxygenation and aroma expression of your wine? This one was designed to do just that. Its form allows for simple gentle rotation which will cause the wine to mix with oxygen, enabling it to develop and come to life at an accelerated pace which is particularly important for younger wines. Slow and careful decanting will allow older wine to separate from its sediment. 

The Universal Developer allows wines to be fully aerated. While running out of the side of the Developer, the wine is gently oxygenated and fully releases its flavors. What's even more unique about this piece is that it works equally well with glasses so there is no need to fill up a carafe that you won’t finish. 

The Lines Decanter and Spiral Decanter

Inspired by the art of blown glass in France during the 18th century, the Spiral and Lines decanters are designed to gently oxygenate your wine and show it off in its best light. Each of these decanters are unique, mouth blown, hand-made in Europe and are particularly recommended for young red and white wines.

The Oeno Box® Solid Wood Corkscrew

The perfect corkscrew for the perfect bottle of wine. Made from chromed metal and solid wood, the beautiful Oeno Box® Solid Wood corkscrew makes the uncorking of every bottle a pleasure.

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