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Basic Principles of Scandinavian Design

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First introduced in the early to mid 20th Century, Scandinavian design continues to dominate the realm of modern interior design thanks to its timeless principles and unquestionable aesthetics. Here at Esthetic Living, we travel the world in search of these high-quality and beautiful products in order to bring Scandinavian design to our customers throughout the contiguous United States. Keep reading to learn about the principles of Scandinavian design and how we use them to drive our own selections of luxury home decor.

Three Basic Principles of Scandinavian Design


A Scandinavian-inspired interior design can complement any color preference because it is centered around a light, typically white, interior. The most common wall colors used in these designs are white, cream, cool gray, and pale blue, and these colors are very likely to show back up again and again in the furniture and decor.

Other colors commonly found in Scandinavian design can include muted colors or bright, vibrant colors depending on the designer, but these colors are typically used in accent pieces, bringing pops of color into the space without disrupting the clean, simple look. Here at Esthetic Living, we offer a variety of pieces of luxury home decor in a wide selection of colors.


Scandinavian design relies on clean lines and forms to create a minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing living space. In other words, it focuses on the clarity of shape and form to provide an attractive space despite the minimalistic approach to the design. Browse through our selection of luxury home decor, and notice the clean lines and geometric shapes featured in these beautiful pieces.


Cluttered or ill-conceived spaces are not typical in Scandinavian interiors. Instead, these designs are meant to be optimally functional while still providing attractive design. Stated most simply, Scandinavian interiors feature functional yet attractive everyday objects that are made from high-quality, reliable materials. A great example of this is the use of storage baskets, which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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