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Barista & Co and The Art of French Press Coffee

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Barista & Co, a young, UK-based company, has developed a line of stylish and functionally designed coffee accessories to allow you to be your own barista without the need for expensive equipment.

Drawing on its experience in the art of coffee preparation, Barista & Co has created a range of beautiful coffee accessories so that you can prepare your own perfect cup of coffee right in the comfort of your own home.  

There's no need for sophisticated coffee machines, just some freshly ground coffee, the right pot, and a bit of special guidance - provided free of charge, of course!  Now you can enjoy the preparation of beautifully crafted coffee just the way you like it.

What is French Press Coffee?

The French press has been popular in Europe since it was first patented in 1929. Also known as a plunge pot or cafetière, the French press makes coffee that looks, smells and, more importantly, tastes great without the need for expensive equipment or a professional barista.  It's a beautifully simple and convenient system that combines serving and brewing in one unit.  Due to the fine metal filter, this system produces a smooth coffee that doesn't remove any of the coffee's natural oils.

How to Use a French Press Coffee Pot

1. Like in tea preparation, it is best to warm your pot with boiling water prior to making your coffee. Therefore, boil enough water to both warm your pot and to make as many cups of coffee as you would like.

2. Fully remove the lid and strainer and fill the pot with boiling water.  Let remaining boiling water cool for 3-4 minutes to avoid burning the coffee and spoiling the flavor.

3. In the meantime, grind your favorite coffee beans to a medium or course grind. We recommend 7g or 15ml coffee for every 100ml or 1/2c of water.  

4. Now discard the boiling water in the pot and add your ground coffee to the warmed pot. 

5. Add half of the now slightly cooled, freshly boiled water to the pot, allowing the coffee to "bloom" for 20 seconds.  Then add the remaining water ensuring you cover all the grounds, stirring to release the flavor.

6. Replace the lid on the plunge pot. After 4 minutes, plunge in one steady motion.  Your coffee is now ready to drink and enjoy!

The Barista & Co. Collection at Esthetic Living

Barista & Co.'s minimalist design and lustrous colors work equally well in a modern or traditional home.  We currently carry the very trendy electric copper and the sleek, black gunmetal collections.  

To suit everyone's needs, plunge pots come in two sizes: the 12 oz personal pot or the full-size, 32 oz pot.  In addition to the plunge pots, we also carry the coordinating milk frothermilk jug and shaker.  

For the coffee aficionado, we also carry a special milk thermometer to ensure your milk is heated to the perfect temperature.  The thermometer is also included in our Barista gift set which makes the perfect present for any coffee lover.

Have a look at our complete collection from the Barista & Co range.