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Barista & Co and The Art of French Press Coffee

Barista & Co, a young, UK-based company, has developed a line of stylish and functionally designed coffee accessories to allow you to be your own barista without the need for expensive equipment.Drawing on its experience in the art of coffee preparation, Barista & Co has created a range of beautiful coffee accessories so that you can [...]

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Let Candles Bring Warmth to Your Home

Decorating with candles is an easy way warm up your home as winter approaches.  Light just one for an inviting glow and delicious scent, or let a collection of candles keep you company while you enjoy a family dinner or soak in a relaxing bath. Wherever you intend to place the candles in your home, [...]

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Basic Principles of Scandinavian Design

First introduced in the early to mid 20th Century, Scandinavian design continues to dominate the realm of modern interior design thanks to its timeless principles and unquestionable aesthetics. Here at Esthetic Living, we travel the world in search of these high-quality and beautiful products in order to bring Scandinavian design to our customers throughout the [...]

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Simplify Gift Giving Through Esthetic Living

If you’ve visited our website before, then you are likely familiar with the vast selection of luxury home decor we have available for purchase online, but have you noticed our gift wrapping options, yet? Esthetic Living offers a gift wrapping service so you can send gifts right from our website and they’ll arrive to the [...]

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Discover Unique Decor By Hübsch at Esthetic Living

Brand Name Home Decor - HübschA Danish Company Dedicated to Unique Style & Fresh Design Founded in 2010, Hübsch is a home interior and design company providing two unique collections of home decor each year, one in the beginning of the year, and one in the fall. All of Hübsch’s high-quality products are designed in Denmark [...]

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Farro Salad - A Family Favorite

I discovered this salad on a family ski holiday in Colorado.  I am always on the lookout for a salad without cheese (no easy feat!) and I came across this salad on the menu at our hotel.  It immediately became a family favorite. So on returning home, I was tasked by my family to recreate [...]

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Oddly enough, it’s on rainy days like this that I feel most nostalgic for my life in Switzerland. Geneva is known for its low-pressure systems where you feel, for weeks on end, the clouds hanging just above your head. When I moved back to the US after 22 years, one of the first things I remarked was how [...]

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Welcome to Esthetic Living!I am glad you found us and I hope you like our shop.My husband, Frédéric, and I started Esthetic Living with the hope of bringing our love for everything European to the US market. Having lived and worked in Europe for over 20 years, we have a great love of European style, design and [...]

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